5th Day - Advanced Course

2021 Edition


L12 - From 3D to geomodels

Introduction to the use of 3D datasets for the geological investigation of planetary surfaces.

Luca Penasa (UNIPD); Riccardo Pozzobon (UNIPD)


S8 - From 3D to geomodels

Extraction of geological features and creation of 3D surfaces

Riccardo Pozzobon (UNIPD); Erica Luzzi (JACOBS); Giacomo Nodjoumi (JACOBS); Angelo Pio Rossi (JACOBS); Barbara De Toffoli (DLR); Gwenael Caravaca (CNRs-LPG)

Cassini Workshop​


L13 - Introduction to the Virtual Reality environments for planetary applications and training for astronauts workshop

Gloria Tognon (UNIPD)


L14 - Use of VR in the ESA-PANGAEA astronaut training and future applications in planetary geology exploration

Loredana Bessone (ESA) and Francesco Sauro (ESA, UNIBO-BiGeA)


L15 - From DOM to virtual environments

Gwenael Caravaca (CNRs-LPG); Stephane Lemouélic (CNRs-LPG); Nicolas Mangold (CNRs-LPG)



Closure of the Winter School and Thanks

Matteo Massironi (UNIPD)