1st Day - Basic Course

2021 Edition


L1 - Introduction to the Geological Mapping course

Why planetary geological maps are important

Matteo Massironi (UNIPD)


L2 - Principles of remote sensing (lecture)

Riccardo Pozzobon (UNIPD)


L3 - Mapping Standards (lecture)

Marco Pantaloni (ISPRA)


L4 - Terms, standards, reccomendations and exemplary projects for planetary (geologic) mapping (lecture)

Andrea Naß (DLR); Angelo Pio Rossi (JACOBS Uni); Alessandro Frigeri (INAF);


L5 - Morphology and geological Mapping of the Moon (lecture)

Claudia Poehler (WWU); Wajiha Iqbal (WWU)

S1 - Introduction to Qgis and Geospatial FOSS

Alessandro Frigeri (INAF)​


S1 - Moon and Mars data extraction (practical activity)

Riccardo Pozzobon (UNIPD)​

S1 - Moon and Mars data extraction - Mappy tutorial (practical activity)

Alessandro Frigeri (INAF)​