2nd Day

2023 Edition


Geologic mapping & impact cratering

Carolyn van der Bogert (WWU)


Compositional data handling

Cristian Carli (INAF), Francesca Zambon (INAF), Beatrice Baschetti (University of Padova)


GMAP JupyterLab - features & functionalities

Carlos Brandt (Constructor University)



Giacomo Nodjoumi (Constructor University)


GMAP data portal

Carlos Brandt (Constructor University)


Traficability & landing site safety introduction

Riccardo Pozzobon (University of Padova), Angelo Pio Rossi (Constructor University)


Traficability & landing site demo

Riccardo Pozzobon (University of Padova), Angelo Pio Rossi (Constructor University)


Mapping of contractional structures and related landforms

Oguzcan Karagoz


Geomorphology on Titan, processing data and mapping

Mauro Spagnuolo


Mapping of Martian geoforms as an input to construct an analogue enviroment in Colombia

Laura Romero


Multiscale mapping of Utopia Planitia

Mara Mantegazza


Olympica-Jovis Fossae: Large-scale groundwater flow in response to magmatic events

Anita Zambrowska


Geological map of the Cerberus fossae's lava flows (Elysium) and their interpretation and implications

Claudio Orlanducci



Nicolas Manaud


Free Open Source Software (FOSS) Mapping tools and development

Alessandro Frigeri (INAF)


Mapping For Mars Surface Missions

Dr Fred Calef (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)