1st Day

2023 Edition


Welcome and introduction

Matteo Massironi, Riccardo Pozzobon, Angelo Pio Rossi


Europlanet Society & Research Infrastructure

Ann Carine Vandaele; Nigel Mason


Planetary data for mapping

Riccardo Pozzobon (University of Padova)


General GIS and Coordinate Reference Systems - overview

Andrea Naß; Angelo Pio Rossi


QGIS Overview and short demo

Luca Penasa (INAF), Riccardo Pozzobon (UNIPD)

MAPPY overview & demo

Luca Penasa (INAF), Riccardo Pozzobon (UNIPD)


MAPPY demo / hands-on

Luca Penasa (INAF), Riccardo Pozzobon (UNIPD)

Terrestrial and planetary geologic mapping: an overview

Matteo Massironi (UNIPD)


Base mapping product generation for autonomous landing

Trent Hare (USGS)