How to use the Streavent platform for the 2024 GMAP Winter School

A video with these instructions is available at

It is possible to follow the school entirely from the web browser, using the dedicated platform.

A desktop, laptop or tablet are recommended. Less optimally, a smartphone. It is important to use a supported browser.

During the registration process, it will be possible to test the browser and system setup. In any case, Chrome, or Firefox, should work on all platforms.

How to login

After the registration, it will be possible to access the platform and familiarise with it. The login is available at:

Please note there is no content available yet, and the schedule is not yet including details, but just the daily structure of activities. Please enter the platform using the entry code you should have received by email. Please keep this code confidential. If you loose the code, please ask the organisers for a redeem

How to use the platform during the winter school

The Winter School is running via Zoom, but the webinar is integrated in the web platform. You won't need to use the Zoom chat. Questions and answers are going to be handled via the integrated Slido system, seamlessly embedded in the session rooms. You don't need any additional account, beyond your entry code, in order to attend the school.

Each daily theme has its specific room, with the video stream and the question panel. There is going also to be a general question panel, as well as one for describing eventual existing mapping activities by participants. 

Please note that workshop rooms with video and question panels will not be functional before the school.