The next Planetary Mapping Winter School will be held online 7–11 February 2022 (CET). The school will be dedicated to the creation of planetary geologic maps of the Moon, Mercury and Mars

The school will cover all the topics that are necessary to produce high-quality planetary cartography:
  • Introduction to planetary body mapping specific aspects processes and features 
  • Basics of remote sensing and multispectral data exploitation
  • GIS usage, based on QGIS Open Source software (project creation, digitalization, and layout)
  • Practical collaborative mapping with dedicated instructor on each planetary body (1 full day each)
  • Principles of crater counting
  • Geologic cross section and stratigraphic sections creation
  • Seminars and talks from invited international guests    
The school will comprise frontal lectures, practical demonstrations and group-work activities for practicing mapping on the Moon, Mercury and Mars.

An introductory knowledge of geoscience is helpful.​

Here available the detailed program for the Planetary geologic mapping winter school 2022.